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Marah Edelen
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I'm graduating May 12th, 2007 with a degree of Bachelor of Interdiscplinary Studies. Through interdisciplinary studies I have mastered problem solving of complex issues and capitalizing on opportunities from multiple perspectives instead of a single disciplinary perspective; more specifically Business Management and Family Studies. These are all important skills that are necessary in both the work place and in life. This degree is a reflection of my ability and skill to make quality decisions while being creative and innovative. Although this academic path is scrupulous, it is also flexible and self-defining. I have had the opportunity to bring together two different academic concentrations that have quickly advanced my overall thinking, people skills, and the quality of my life. All of these gifts have been nurtured through Applied Studies, Internships, Research, Community Building, and Personal Responsibility. This approach to learning has prepared me for a world that is not bound by disciplines or academic traditions. I can achieve my personal and career goals, identify and integrate talents and abilities, and strive toward success in my life.